Mercedes-Benz has patented a new airbag to the A-pillar of the car

security in a car it is an aspect that any brand has to deal with as a priority. The evolution suffered by cars in the last three decades has been such that the safety of pedestrians and passengers inside not be left behind. Any car you buy today already comes standard with multiple airbags, control traction and stability and some of the (not yet released all of the brands) already have from your equipment easier with some active help to the driving.

In terms of airbags, Mercedes-Benz was the pioneer, but the Swedish manufacturer Volvo had cast the tripping when it introduced the first airbag in the world to the bonnet of a car. The Volvo V40 will be for themselves with a little bit of the history of the car, as it takes this important element of safety for pedestrians. However, the signature of the star does not want us to forget its progress in safety and have put hands to the work.

The item have been patented and then introduced is the first airbag in the world to the pillars of our car. If we take into account the areas on which it impacts the body and the head of a person when it is hit by a car, we have four core areas (depending on how you produce the outrage). First the capo, second moon, and finally the A-pillars (right or left). All of them are hard areas (the moon a bit less) and as it is logical can lead to injuries of importance to the person you collide with them.

Logically this new airbag is a big step for to prevent pedestrians or bicyclists killed or suffer injuries of entity when you are hit. However, and if we could achieve this, the ideal would be to assemble the airbag capo of Volvo with the A-pillar for Mercedes-Benz. If both systems work in communion, the number of injured could be reduced drastically. In addition, this new airbag along with the systems of detection of pedestrians and cyclists demonstrate that brands are investing more and more money to take care the safety of passengers and pedestrians.

From Today Engine we would like that both Volvo Mercedes-Benz released these patents for the rest of the brands in the industry and the use of both systems is required.

Source – Mercedes-Benz

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