Mercedes-Benz is rubbing his hands: and premium 898 425 sold in six months

Mercedes-Benz lives its particular golden age. 898 425 sales in the first half of 2015 means an increase of 14.7% over the previous year , a record for the brand with the star. And that regardless of the smart 62 164 units have been delivered this year, a 32.8% increase over the previous year. So overcome the million units in six months each time is closer. And you’re probably wondering now is what next, what the numbers exist? To what extent has influenced its product strategy in the compact class? What are the markets that are driving growth?

The Mercedes C-Class remains by far the best-selling Mercedes-Benz product. Although its sales in the compact segment continue to grow.

Mercedes-Benz tells us that the architects of this success being the SUV and the Mercedes Class C . A surprising fact, when you consider how has grown the Mercedes-Benz range in recent years. The Mercedes C-Class sedan and its variants Estate, remains the best-selling brand product . In the first six months 214 222 units were sold, an increase of 58.7% over the previous year, encouraged especially by generational change, increased range, and the fact of having become the real leader of the range markets such as China, which is already being manufactured for distribution in the local market, and where there is even the possibility of choosing a long wheelbase version.

Yet Mercedes-Benz continues to thrive in the compact segment . The mix of Class A, Class B, CLA CLA Shooting Brake and GLA accumulated in 2015 a total of 269 527 units, an increase of 29.8% over the previous year.


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Spain is one of the international markets in which Mercedes-Benz has grown in the first half. China is already the most important market – sales volume -. To mark

To understand the success of Mercedes-Benz, we have also analyzed its sales in key regional. Europe grows 11.2%, but at a slower pace than the rest of the world. A lower overall rate, even considering markets such as Germany or Britain in June grew 16.5% and 17.2% respectively. Germany grew by only 5.7% throughout the semester.

Compared to the most important markets for Mercedes-Benz, the figures for Spain are very discrete. Mercedes-Benz sold 14,670 cars in our country this year. And despite this, the German brand mentions our country as an example of one of the countries where sales have seen a greater push. According ANIACAM , have enrolled a total of 18,770 cars in our country, which would mean an increase of 26.97% over the same period in 2014 . Mercedes-Benz brand would be number 16 in the top of the most sold in Spain, surpassed only by two German premium Audi (10th) and BMW (15th), while increasingly cutting distances with their rivals and compatriots.

But the real key to the growth of Mercedes-Benz is still in Asia, and more specifically in the Asian giant, China . Mercedes-Benz was able to sell 165,321 cars in the first half, up 21.6% over the previous year. That means that one in five cars made by Mercedes-Benz in China recently. And that China is already the world’s largest market for Mercedes-Benz ahead of the United States (164 970 units) and Germany (132 391 units).

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