Mercedes-Benz is the most highly valued brand in Spain by consumers on the internet

Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupé

The automotive sector, and the sales of cars in Spain it seems that are going back to the numbers who had before the crisis. I remember at the time the premium brands hatched out with so much force that anyone could have a BMW 3 Series or an Audi A3. Such was his strength that after the storm have been the only ones that have managed to retain their position. Spain is a country of contrasts (good and bad) and taking advantage of that Geom Index has made a ranking (other more) of the brands and cars that are most valued in Spain during the month of January, I remember the “marquitis” that we suffer in our country.

According to the report drawn up by the platform specializing in the automotive sector, the most highly valued brand by the internet in Spain has been Mercedes-Benz. Among the main aspects most valued by the spaniards are your motorization or “media specialist”. This is represented on the E-Class Coupé, GLA, or the AMG GT (C, , obtaining a final score of 80,60 points.

Kia Stinger

Who gives the surprise in this ranking is the south Korean Kia Motors. Being considered a mark commoner is left to three tenths of Mercedes-Benz, that is to say that you get a note from 80,34 points in total. The point that have been rated by Spanish users is related to the wide deployment of media (especially the internet) that the firm had to introduce its new sports saloon Stinger.

The third place ranking corresponds to another firm premium and how it is logical to German. BMW has managed to sneak into this position thanks to the launch of its new 5-Series. Closing the fourth and fifth position we have to Chevy’s and Ford, respectively, they have managed to achieve this position thanks to its range SUV.

To close this ranking in the month of January, we should see what are the models for the spaniards when they surf the internet. According to their responses to the new Skoda Kodiaq is imposed, by this order, the Lexus LS, Seat Ateca, Ford Focus RS and Seat Ibiza.

Source – Geom Index

Mercedes E-Class Coupe (W207)
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