Mercedes-Benz now accepting orders for Class X, although only in the Uk

Mercedes Clase X Concept Powerful Adventurer

When Mercedes-Benz taught us the photos of the that will be his pick-up we were a little cold. We could never imagine that a signature of the status of the German would get in such a garden. However, in the house of the star will very seriously, because the segment of the pick up is one that seems to be working better in the world. In addition, not only for it but also I can open doors in certain markets in which only is known as a brand dedicated to the luxury saloon car.

everyone knows that the basis on which will be developed is the same one used by the Nissan NP300 Navara and in addition, part of its manufacture will be held in Spain, on the ground that the signature in Barcelona. Thanks to this, the Mercedes-Benz a-Class X will have among his letters of introduction to two mechanical diesel with a 2.3-liter in the front and powers of 160 and 190 hp (this version is biturbo). In addition, both mechanical be able to associate both to a manual gearbox or automatic.

Mercedes Clase X Concept Powerful Adventurer

in Addition to all this, Mercedes use it to decorate your Class X with any type of technological gadgets as well as a large number of optional elements to convert it into a unique car in the market. For these reasons, the expectation that is creating the model is high and, as in the firm are aware of this, have already open the list of orders for customers to book a unit before making the sale official.

however, the opening of this list has not occurred in all markets that will be available. The first country of the world in which Mercedes-Benz allows customers to reserve a unit of the Class X is the United Kingdom. For this, they must make a deposit of 1,000 pounds sterling and wait for the time limits that the brand has reported.

Will have to see if the firm opens more waiting lists in other countries, but the success of this model is almost assured, and more when you do not yet know the final form of the Class X.

Source – Auto Express