Mercedes-Benz review for the future the key to its success

Mercedes Clase X Concept Powerful Adventurerwas True to what was said by the announcement of Mercedes-Benz in which you were advised that “Something is happening in Mercedes”. With this powerful marketing campaign, the German firm warned their opponents, and clients that I was going to to leave behind their image trademark for the “elderly gentlemen”. Close to them came out perfect, supported by the launch of models, as A Class, they have reported great satisfaction.

today this revolution is still in effect since the signing of the star is going to be cram full in the segment of the pick ups. This niche market is new to the firm (although we can find some G-Class “tuning”) but it has been surrounded by a specialist in the field as a Nissan to give in the target. With him expect to increase their sales in the countries that appreciate this type of vehicle over others (see the united States).

Mercedes Clase E All-TerrainThis way, has made it possible to close in all probability the year 2016 as the first manufacturer in the premium of the world. And to give continuity to this event, the firm will continue to grow based to increase its range of models, powertrains (gasoline, diesel, híbridaciones and electric) and improve day-to-day its designs.

According to Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Daimler, these will be the pillars on which will revolve the future of the firm. The design, as has been demonstrated in this evolution will be a point very to keep in mind at the time of launch a new model to the market. As happened with the current Class, each one of the models that run the firm will have a higher dynamic loading on their lines.

If we focus on the range of engines, according to its CEO, the manufacturer will continue to maintain agreements with other brands to jointly develop new alternatives to propel the cars of the future. However, at the time of carrying out the workmanship of these propellants will be they who carry out. This is a way to maintain and care for the quality of their products above all else.

we Expect that Mercedes-Benz continue to amaze us for good, as it has done until now. Luck Mercedes.

Source – Mercedes-Benz

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