Mercedes-Benz unveil the E-Class Cabriolet in Geneva

Mercedes-Benz Clase E Cabriolet Teaser

Geneva motor show will open its doors in a matter of days. The firms are looking forward to the moment, as it is one of the most important events in the calendar. In addition, european companies are playing at home and that is an added incentive that good to get all the heavy artillery. Mercedes-Benz is one that go with duties well done as it has various models and exciting developments that make us dream.

By now we know that his line of AMG sport will be several special versions on their models. This is because AMG meets a half-century of life, and as it is logical to celebrate the anniversary in style. in Addition to, the house of the star as we overtook towering Mercedes-Benz Maybach G650 Landaulet. With this all-terrain, opens the signature premium Mercedes in the world of the four-by-four luxury.

Mercedes-Benz Clase E Cabrio

however, it seems that there remains room for surprises. As we can see in the image that has filtered the signing of the star, the next generation of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet will be waiting for you at the appointment switzerland. Of course, in the photo you see very little (for not saying nothing) but we don’t do to the idea that your body will be very similar to that of his brother of the range the E-Class Coupe.

Until now Mercedes only has offered this photo. We imagine that its technical details as well as your final design we will be able to see in detail when the Geneva motor show opens its doors to the public. However, we’re confident that share a good part of the mechanics with their brothers range. In addition, she will also share elements of safety and comfort, but getting to know the signature of the star, surely they could debut some new gadget.

We will be watching out for prior to the appointment are filtered more images (sure to happen), or if on the contrary we will have to wait to march.

Source – Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes E-Class Coupe (W207)
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