Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck: electric truck with the Daimler warns Tesla

Part of the Master Plan of Tesla to revolutionize the transportation and mobility over the next few years, it has to do with the transportation of goods. Tesla has already begun the development of a traction unit completely electrical, but Mercedes-Benz wanted to remind the californian company that you are not the only ones with plans to electrify commercial vehicles. And they have done so by presenting in Stuttgart the Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck, a truck fully-electric with more than 200 km of autonomy.

Daimler has spent years doing tests with Canter Fuso eCell, small delivery trucks to electric.

This truck is based on a chassis existing Mercedes, in which are installed two electric motors and a few huge packs of lithium-ion batteries. On the chassis of the truck there is nothing special to note, except for the maximum authorised mass of the trailer (MMA), 26 tons. Currently the trucks in your class have a GVW of 25 tonnes, but the extra weight of the electric train and the battery – 1,700 kilos with respect to a conventional truck – restricted, in part, the maximum load capacity of the truck.

mercedes-e-truck-2016-17Daimler is confident that the EU will increase a ton the GVW of the electric trucks are not articulated, leading to a disadvantage of only 700 kilos with respect to a truck common. The Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck is a heavy truck designed for the transport of goods in areas, mainly urban. Think for example in the transport of public works machinery. It is not a truck designed to carry cargo from one side to the other of Europe, to bring electric mobility to these circumstances, it is much more difficult.

The batteries weigh 2.5 tons, and the drive shaft and other electrical components are located at 1.9 tons.

The autonomy is specified in a use city by Mercedes is about 200 miles. Where she gets the energy this truck of up to 26 tonnes? three battery modules, with a total capacity of about dizzying 212 kWh. It is triple the capacity of a Tesla Model S basic, to give to the idea. Its modular nature will allow to add or remove modules for different applications of the Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck. The aim of these batteries is to feed two interesting electric motors integrated in the wheels.

mercedes-e-truck-2016-23more Specifically, in the hub of the wheels, very close to the ground – lowering the centre of gravity – and with a direct transmission to the independent, really efficient. Each of these engines develops 170 HP of power, so that the total power of the truck is of 340 HP. It may seem a moderate power, but you might be surprised by its torque total is only 1,000 Nm. It is not a figure too high for a truck, but in combination with a direct transmission, the maximum torque at the wheels is 22,000 Nm.

The third shaft rotates in the opposite direction to the front to enable maneuvers in places that are not spacious.

No, no excess or only a single zero in the previous sentence. Mercedes talks of an acceleration and dynamic qualities of leaders in the segment. Their electric motors do not allow for a double rear wheel on the drive axle. They have been replaced by a tyre only of a tremendous 495 mm section, mounted on a rim to conventional 22.5-inch. This drive shaft is very similar to that of the hybrid bus Citaro, which has inherited the technology, developed together with the specialist ZF marine transmissions.

mercedes-e-truck-2016-27This truck can be recharged quickly by using continuous current of up to 100 kW of power. Uses the european standard Combined Charging System (CCS) Type 2 and at maximum power, could be fully recharged between two and three hours. Mercedes will show this truck at various trade fairs of the sector, and their trials will begin soon. Have not yet revealed its final design, but surprises that keep a cabin conventional, since, under the same there is a conventional motor, it being released in the space available.

Source: Daimler