Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo, a prototype autonomous works hydrogen

Mercedes-Benz pays tribute to the city, which this week hosts the Hall of Tokyo with a concept called Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo, a conceptual work driving autonomous fed to a fuel cell.

Mercedes-Benz-Vision-Tokyo-3And[19459010a]mong the innovations that Mercedes-Benz took the Tokyo motor show is a conceptual work that combines a body type minivan, with a design cut futuristic. This is the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo that let us know where will go the future of the brand German in terms of car driving autonomously with alternative energies.

On an aesthetic level, the prototype is presented in the format of a minivan, with her body painted in silver, and its side windows screen-printed in the same color of the vehicle. The coating used on the windows provide privacy to the passengers, at the same time allowing the entry of light and the view to the outside. Your body measures 4,803 mm long, 2,100 mm wide and 1,600 mm in height and its aesthetic exterior is completed with a giant tire with a diameter of 26 inches.

Mercedes-Benz-Vision-Tokyo-2inside, it’s space for five occupants, who, thanks to the goodness of the driving, autonomous, can be accommodated in a comfortable way on a large sofa in oval shape. The Vision of Tokyo is equipped with technologies that allow them to acquire the tastes and preferences of their occupants, in function of modify the behavior of the vehicle, but it can also be controlled manually if the situation requires it.

The driving position offers a control panel minimalist, equipped with the use system head up display and a driving position central. However the cabin is clearly focused on the occupants, who can enjoy a sort of hologram projected in the middle of the passenger compartment, and a screen of information and entertainment of a large size.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo is driven by an electric propulsion system with fuel cell, which takes as its base the hybrid system (F-CELL PLUG-IN of the company, which uses a powerful battery that can be charged via an induction system. This system gives a range of 980 miles.

Little doubt there are that in the near future we will be a few lazy people who will see pass the landscape around us, without the need of posing hands on the steering wheel.