Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo, futuristic head to toe

Congestion, overcrowding, traffic excessive…. The cities of the present are increasingly inhabited, and nothing indicates that the future is not what will be. Within them, the displacement will unleash very serious problems of pollution and traffic congestion. To fix this Mercedes we propose a new prototype, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo.


futuristic Image, concept futuristic. How will we get to move on these machines?

Tokyo has nine million inhabitants in an area less than that of the city of Paris. Every day its streets are converted into authentic mousetraps traffic and pollution. This is why Mercedes has considered that it was the ideal stage to present its new proposal of future mobility, that and the opening of the Salon in Tokyo 2015.

Since some time ago, the German firm which carries on presenting prototypes addressed to the society of the future. Prototypes that combine a relaxing environment to lounge. A space where you can escape to the outside, and where the displacements occur in quiet and fully autonomous. Because this is another of the secrets that hide in the Vision of Tokyo.

is also Not new to Mercedes technology autonomous. At the beginning of this year we presented the Mercedes F 015. Another prototype that met all the technology known and by knowing concerning the systems driving to achieve a displacement fully automatic.

The Vision-Tokyo receives those same instruments. A battalion of cameras, sensors and the latest cutting-edge technology that you can imagine come together to create a unique experience and far away at the time. Algorithms of the latest generation will learn as it circulates, both from the outside as from the occupants, by programming the car to your liking without the require.


The designers had carte blanche to design the Vision Tokyo

finally, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo presents a propulsion system plug-in hybrid with hydrogen fuel cell. Electric motors fed by a system of alternative fuel represent the mobility more eco-friendly than we can imagine. I do not doubt that some day we will get to see these concepts in a production car. The question that remains is: when will it be?