Mercedes-Benz will be the faces before a judge in the united states for their BlueTec

Mercedes-Benz Clase E Estate 2016

Traditionally the united States has been reluctant to vehicles driven by mechanical diesel. The brands that have tried have had to abandon this effort before the denial of the customers. In addition, another handicap to beat is the prices of the fuels that the justify a diesel mechanical with the price of petrol is very complicated. As an example of this history of failure we have the Oldsmobile Delta 88, which attempted to popularize diesel in the united States in 1978 with a mechanical 5.7 liters of cubicaje format atmospheric V8.

well, when the consumer is no longer remembered this story comes the Volkswagen Group and other premium manufacturers in europe and Mercedes-Benz to sell new diesel engines. In addition, the story is not that they want to sell for its low consumption, but because of their extremely low pollution. In Total, we already know what happened the Dieselgate of Volkswagen on the one hand, and now a call to courts to the signature of the star.

Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC

Is that after uncover the scandal of the emissions of the Group Volkswagen, other manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz have been investigated by the authorities environmental of the country. As a result of these investigations, José Linares, a New Jersey judge has dismissed in part a complaint filed by the consumer against the brand for having induced error on the levels of emissions of vehicles with technology BlueTec Clean Diesel.

According to this judge Mercedes-Benz, unlike what they did Volkswagen, never announced their models as clean and respectful with the environment. Yes did as a little demanding in consumption and sparing. However, that the claim has been dismissed in part does not relieve you of that probably has to be expensive with their clients before the courts.

The reason is simple. engine BlueTec Clean Diesel Mercedes-Benz have a fuel consumption very low, but when you have measured your emissions in real driving have surpassed the approved. Therefore, do not conform to what it says in the rules, and don’t do that in the united States is to end up in the pillory. So soon the manufacturer is working with the authorities to solve the problem and preserve your good name.

Mercedes E-Class (W212)

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