Mercedes-Benz will launch their hybrids under the name EQ Power

Mercedes Generation EQ

Mercedes-Benz us was surprised when he presented the Mercedes EQ Concept in the past Paris motor show. This electric crossover compact in size, big dominated the lines of what would be his future range of electric vehicles. However, the more forward shows us how it will be the first model of this type that make the signature of the star.

taking Advantage of the launch of its new single-seater for the season 2017 Formula 1, Mercedes-Benz has cast the emblem EQ Power (is already within the name of its F1 car – the Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+). This name shall be present in all and each one of the hybrid models that launch the signature of the star. In the case of your iteration more sports, developed by AMG the denomination will be EQ Power+.

Mercedes Generation EQ

The moment chosen by Mercedes-Benz to begin to show this new name will be the next restyling of the S-Class. This model should come in mid this summer and the rest of the brothers of the brand will join him. What we don’t know yet is whether it will continue using the same type of engine that, until now, or will bring significant developments in terms of power or electronics.

What we do know is that the appellation EQ Power is the first step of the firm of independent Mercedes-Benz to launch their cars one hundred percent electric. The reason for this is the information that we provided to their managers in the past Paris motor show, when they talked openly of the launch of ten new electric models for the year 2025 and the confirmation of investment a thousand millionaires.

To finish will leave a rumor that is circulating by the network of networks. As has been able to know Mercedes-Benz together with AMG would be planning a new super sports with about 1,000 hp of power. Such an arsenal of foals might come from the mechanical V6 hybrid that are riding the cars of the brand in Formula 1. His code name is “Project One” and would be limited to only 300 units produced. How is it logical, should carry the appellation EQ Power+ that will be mounted AMG at the start of your marketing.

time will tell us if the rumors are or are not right.

Source – Auto Express