Mercedes-Benz will not sell more models BlueTec in the US


you read the Volkswagen Group with their diesel engines souped-up in the united States has been of epic proportions. It seems like time is healing the wounds of the Dieselgate, but it seems that american consumers have made cross to this type of mechanical. Proof of this is that the few manufacturers that are still selling are being investigated, or even are thinking of to withdraw from their ranges the versions driven with this fuel.

Within the european brands most favoured by the mechanical diesel have been Audi, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz. The first has gone out the thing frog, and to the signature of the star by now. However, since the outbreak of the scandal have been splashed by him and to avoid problems have made the following decision. According to have reported the makers of the brand to the united States will no longer market these engines.

Mercedes Clase S

These blocks do not represent a high percentage of sales, but have earned a good image. However, the authorities of the country are, each time, closing the fence to these engines, so their consumption and emissions declared yet away the actual. If you want to comply with these standards will have to spend high amounts of money that are not easy to reimburse because of their low sales do not make it viable.

In replacement of their mechanical diesel, BlueTec, have decided to bet strong by their hybrid versions. Now Mercedes-Benz already sells variants hybrid of the C-Class, S-Class and GLE with relevant success. To improve the penetration of this family the signing of the star has reported that will be introducing new models driven with this type of powertrain. In addition, keep in mind that the new family of electric models will hit the market at the beginning of the next decade, making their chances of success are increase in the united States.

By now the news is clear, no more diesel in the united States. Now, Mercedes-Benz also does not rule out in the future (it is not known to what period) re-enter it if the demand is so marked. Time will tell.

Source – Mercedes-Benz

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