Mercedes-Benz will unveil at CES 2017 corporate strategy “CASE”

Mercedes Generation EQ Concept

The Mercedes Generation EQ Concept will be present at the stand of Mercedes-Benz’s CES 2017.

In just a few weeks will start the first big technology event of the next year, the CES 2017. Since a few years ago, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has become an important appointment for the main car manufacturers. Along with the Detroit Auto show, is the kick off to a new year full of novelties of all kinds begin to be disclosed in both citations.

Every time there are more brands that take advantage of the CES to show off their technological advances both at the level of connectivity, information, entertainment and, from a few years ago, driving autonomous. Mercedes-Benz is one of the firms that do not can miss this event, and therefore, was expected to confirm their presence in the upcoming CES 2017. In addition, it has also revealed the first details of the new features that we will be able to see in your booth.

In this edition of the mentioned event, the presentation of Mercedes-Benz will rotate around its new strategy body called “CASE” and that will be supported by four major pillars: connectivity, driving, autonomous, shared services and electric powertrains. By way of proposal to combine all these aspects, the brand with the star will there the Mercedes Generation EQ Concept as well as Mercedes van Vision Van Concept.

Mercedes Vision Van Concept

Mercedes van Vision Van Concept also will be view by the stand of the German mark.

on the other hand, under the slogan “Fit&Healthy“, Mercedes-Benz will present a vision of how the growing awareness for health and personal well-being can be combined intelligently with the future of mobility. The German manufacturer will also unveil to the public their latest developments and achievements in the research and development of new technologies for driving autonomous.

And although without going into further details, Mercedes anticipates that there will also be time to talk about the artificial intelligence, new and innovative solutions related to the “coach connected” as well as different services with which the vehicles of the future will be able to share information to provide you with a better experience and solutions to everyday problems when we are to board our vehicle.

Consumer Electronics Show will take place from 5 to 8 January 2017 in the city of Las Vegas (united States). Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that he will be doing a live press conference via its page of Facebook.