Mercedes-Benz would be preparing the handover of the current S-Class for 2020

In the automobile sector, if we talk about luxury vehicles, Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the authentic reference, with the excuse of the Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series. In this case, the flagship of the signing of Stuttgart leads in the market since the year 2013, and taking into account that the Series 7 came in 2015 and Audi is about to launch to the market the refreshed A8, you have to put the batteries so that we will not steal sales and customers.

For this reason, several photographers have captured some mule tests of the next Mercedes-Benz S-Class performing test validation in snow. The place chosen by the German brand has been scandinavia, because they are testing the capabilities of the platform that have been designed exclusively for this model. With this, it should be noted, that next S-Class will not be a profound evolution of current W222, but a completely new model.

According to Auto News, the next generation of Mercedes-Benz S-Class keep half an exterior similar to the current model. However, thanks to the new platform, you will increase your distance between axes, width of pathways and reduce weight significantly. Thanks to these improvements, the rear passengers will gain in comfort, the boot will increase your volume and your dynamic behaviour will be more refined and lighter.

new platform, that would have designed in Mercedes-Benz to give life to the next S-Class, you would call MRA and would be adapted to incorporate the technology necessary to make the flagship of the brand in a autonomous vehicle. To all this, you will have to add a range mechanics completely renovated that would be alternatives in gasoline, diesel, hybrid and hybrid-plug-in.

In Mercedes-Benz would also be thinking of a version fully electric of the next Class S. however, the rumors indicate that the engineers of the brand would be working for to reduce the weight and size of their packages batteries, so that the weight and dynamics of the model does not look very prejudiced. In any case, this version would come to market later than the normal versions, which are scheduled for the year 2020.

Will have to wait for the German firm to speak or continue to pop up new images and data of the model.

Source – Auto News

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