Mercedes bet by the hydrogen, and this mule F-Cell Hybrid demonstrates


The Mercedes C-Class Estate has uncovered more hidden things that are left to see

The times are times of change. Manufacturers are already mentalizados to change your fleet for a more efficient and ecological. The hybrids are the present. Electricity has demonstrated its capabilities, but it is not the only viable technology, since hydrogen is also. Mercedes will bet by the mix of both worlds, as evidenced by these new spy photos.

In fact this is not the first time that we see circular a development like this, because looking back we see how Mercedes was already testing the same technology in a GL. With all the systems and appendices of measurement as we see them today. All of this points to hydrogen as a propulsion system of the two mules.

You can clearly see that the mule has been modified to receive the equipment required for a system as complex as the hydrogen. To do this it has removed all the rear row of seats and have also made the openings necessary for proper venting, both in the rear windows as in the gate.


The bet by the hydrogen is risky, but Mercedes does not give stitch without thread

On the outside we do not see any alteration, except the above-mentioned, for the simple fact that the installation of a fuel cell system does not obligate change the design of the body, because everything would be at the front door. Yes, the testing phase is crucial for a subsequent correct operation.

Now: are we facing another mule for the GLC F-Cell Hybrid or a new model? Both theories are viable, since the Mercedes C-Class and the Mercedes GLC share platform, so that the development in one would be easily be extrapolated to the other. We also know that Mercedes will bet on this technology, and that in your roadmap you intend to use it in other models, in almost all in fact.

So, how will this GLC F-Cell Hybrid? As usual, the hydrogen will be in charge of driving an electric motor. In addition also added a package of batteries that provide a range of additional which will be about 48 miles, can be recharged via a plug.


The mule test included measuring elements and outputs of ventilation

In regards to the launch dates, we could get to see it in its final appearance the next year the matter, but will not be marketed until 2018. Mercedes already we overtook the GLC F-Cell Plug-In Hybrid a few months ago and come to fruition, it would be the first model of this type to be marketed to the public, because other rivals today are available only as a lease.