Mercedes C 63 AMG Coupe 2016: the most elegant street and circuits

As we reached the official information of the new sports coupe, the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe 2016 motor team was on vacation. And who says holidays, she says preparing a test with a dream collection of sports, including the new Mercedes-AMG GT. And that fact, coupled with this year we had the opportunity to also lead the predecessor of the sports that you see on these lines, let us understand the breakthrough that has given Mercedes-AMG with a new generation of sports in all kinds of packaging – from the two-seater coupe until, through the sedan and SUV – around a heart with so much rage as AMG 4 0.0 V8 biturbo . An engine available in two flavors, with 476 hp and 510 hp in the S version .

Mercedes C-Class Coupé: Five Keys to understand a semi-autonomous elegant, refined and coupe

few days ago we knew the new generation of Mercedes C-Class Coupe, maximum elegance, dynamic design and appearance, at least in my opinion, is very close to what we would expect of a Mercedes S Class Coupe miniature . In its sports version, the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe, that elegance is further strengthens the hand of a really aggressive design and many other details in this Mercedes C-Class Coupé signed by AMG .

Growing width of the tire and road, the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe is 64 mm wider front and 66 mm wider rear. We speak tire front 255 mm and 285 mm rear. Traction, of course, back.


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The hood has also been oversized , giving a more muscular appearance and, above all, making room for the new eight-cylinder vee. A hood under which we find a stylish grille with the Mercedes-Benz star and two chromed and a splitter which in turn functions as wind deflector bars to cool the brakes.

at its behind , a good diffuser, and a small integrated trunk lid spoiler culminating a line certainly impress.

mercedes-amg-c-63-coupe-2016-17 Aboard , the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe is essentially a C Class, as you will see every day on any street in your city. With the subtle difference that has been equipped with a leather steering wheel and Alcantara, leather sport seats, a center console carbon fiber and details that will delight lovers of speed.

mercedes-amg-c-63-coupe-2016-10 Let’s talk about mechanics. As I said in the beginning, the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe will be available in two flavors, the most basic, with 476 hp, and the C 63 S Coupe 510 hp. Both used the V8 biturbo 3,982 cm3 and sports broadcasting, AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7 , with which get practice 0-100 km / h in 4.0 seconds and 3.9 seconds respectively .

mercedes-amg-c-63-coupe-2016-09 The launch will take place in March 2016 . And we shall live for the first time in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015.


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Whereupon you will know that within our sadness and post-holiday depression, and paying back the keys to a Mercedes-AMG GT, within what may be we are even excited about what we see and test in the coming months …

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Mercedes C-Class Coupé: Five Keys to understand a semi-autonomous elegant, refined and coupe

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