Mercedes C-Class 2017: we hunted mule testing of new systems


The bumper does not hide the new features of the C-Class 2017.

We have had the opportunity of re-sighting one of the test units the Mercedes C-Class, the model of which we await the arrival of a facelift for the middle of next year, although this is not the purpose of this unit, as it is one of the mules of proof that the brand used to test various mechanical elements.

In fact, although a lot of media have pointed out in recent weeks as one of the mules camouflaged in the C-Class 2017, what is certain is that this is not intended as the mere development of this new iteration of the sedan German, but test various new mechanical and technological that the mark will be implemented in this and other models in the near future.

At the beginning of this same month of November, our photographers managed to capture the first images of this unit, and despite the fact that for many means passed by as a mere prototype, related with the next restyling, the special features that shows this issue made us doubt its provenance.


On this occasion, the mule does not mount the end caps after the tires.

first, it shows the elements already seen on other mules of the next C-Class 2017, as the optical group, that will acquire a new strip of LEDs, the copy has some optical much more simple, and despite the fact that basically shows no camouflage, the front bumper appears slightly clogged.

To the sides of the bumper are two deep indentations, some bas-reliefs very pronounced with a circular element in the background that seem to belong to some kind of sensor. We are probably faced with the trials of some system of driving assistance, although we do not know the precise nature of the same.

the rest of The vehicle appears completely uncovered, without showing more differences with the production model, however, in the previous series of spy photos of this unit, is clearly appreciated as hid behind the front wheels which seemed like some kind of energy recovery system, so this mule is also the basis to test new systems for future hybrid version, or perhaps electrical.


The C-Class 2017 will incorporate some interesting new equipment.

On this occasion, the model of the image does not have these
, clearly visible in the images of a few weeks ago.