Mercedes C-Class 2018: First images of the interior and the version Estate


The first time we find the C-Class Estate 2018.

Our photographers have returned to hunt test units of the new C-Class Mercedes-Benz, on this occasion, managing to simultaneously capture two mules of tests, both the sedan version as the variant family Estate.

Both specimens they wore identical camouflage, keeping only hidden by the front bumper, in a format that is not the first time that we have been able to see in the prototypes of the Class C. The variant coupé of these prototypes have already been studied earlier, when we hunt for testing an energy recovery system in the front.

however, this is the first time that we see a unity of the family version with the same exterior features of these mules testing. Having a bumper interim, with a few cavities that invite you to think are designed to accommodate any type of sensor or radar, although we cannot say for certain.


away with the bulky central command

If to the outside, these prototypes do not point out any novelty, since they do not have their final elements, on this occasion we have been able to peer into its interior, checking the new dashboard, which showed camouflaged, gives away small novelties.

The dashboard of these units shows great similarities with the one that we can find in the Class C current, but a look in depth, we reveal small and subtle differences, such as the new steering wheel, similar to that of the S-Class, or the disappearance of the bulky knob on the center console, so that looks like it has been replaced by a new touchpad.

in Front of this we find a center console nearly identical, but behind the wheel it seems that the dashboard has changed substantially, and now has a new design and a center screen of greater size.


In the rear we cannot see anything new.

As I mentioned previously, the facelift of the new C-Class
Mercedes will not be presented until the end of next year or
the beginning of 2018.