Mercedes C-Class Coupe: in detail the mule to test the new systems


New mule testing systems of Mercedes.

This is not the first time that we can see this mule testing of the C-Class Coupe rolling, that at first glance might seem like a test unit of the facelift model but however is a unit testing of systems. On this occasion, our photographers have had the opportunity to photograph it in more detail, revealing some of the technology that it is developing a Mercedes-Benz.

In the first place, , we found the unit just hides nothing, except the front bumper is completely naked, and with the characteristics of the current generation of the C-Class Coupe 2016. However, it will be appreciated as the bumper is not really hidden, but has a completely provisional.

This item is meant to actually give support to a series of sensors that are located under the central grill and at the ends of the same, hence has a generic way, totally flat except in the areas intended for these devices. We do not know which class they are really though they seem to be of ultrasound, and are very simple to locate, as they are located in the bottom of the cavities side.


In detail the sensor side of the front bumper, which are also visible under the grill.

This is not the first mule in which we can locate these parts, however, this time our photographers have had the fortune to be able to take a good first plane, revealing not just the ones that are found in the bas-relief increased, but appears clearly reflected a second unit a little further back, near the wheel arch.

This could suggest the test of a new sensor such as those that employ the systems of automatic parking or driving assistance, and by the deep hole that they have available makes us think that it should be of any ultrasonic system.

in Addition, we can see that after the front wheel is hidden by another item that we’ve already seen before in various mules of the brand, a metallic element of a size larger than the brake disc and that appears behind the. Similar to the energy recovery system that you have the current C-Class hybrid.


In the behind we did not find changes.

The front riders, seen now in more detail, are quite different from those of employees in the Class C current, with a new drawing for the optical DRL and new volumes in the lower zone. Other than that, the model has the same exterior elements that can be found in the current version.