Mercedes C-Class Coupe in Spain: from 41.900 euro

The new Mercedes Class C Coupe already have price for the Spanish market. The alternative three-door, fully renovated, filed in mid-August, will start in Spain from 41.900 euros, offering a stylish option for those seeking a coupe premium mid-size, an alternative to the BMW 4 Series Coupe, Lexus RC or Audi A5.

Range of the Mercedes C-Class Coupe 2016:

The range of the Mercedes C-Class Coupé is structured by now of the following form:


Mercedes C To 200 Coupe – 184 hp – a 42,500 euros
Mercedes C To 300 Coupe – 245 hp – 48.000 euros


Mercedes C to 220 d Coupe – 170 hp – 41.900 euros
Mercedes C to 250 d Coupe – 204 hp – 49.100 euros

of course it still remains to know the price of the variant more sporty, the price of the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe that you have all the details in the article “Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe 2016: the most elegant, and street circuits”.

standard equipment for the Mercedes C-Class Coupé provides us with alloy wheels, multimedia system with display and control touchpad, multi-function steering wheel in leather, seat upholstered in a fabric similar to leather, climate control, cruise control, sensor lights, and in the case of the C to 250 d and C to 300 push-button start.


Among the wide repertoire of available extras it is worth mentioning the package Sportive AMG with a price of 1.818 euros, air suspension, adjustable Airmatic by 1.309 euros, the headlights LED smart 1.062 euros, navigator Garmin from € 350, sound system, Burmester by 853 euros or the sunroof by 1.562 euros.

(The given prices for the equipment do not include the VAT and other taxes)

what position is compared to its rivals?

The Audi A5 is pending to be renovated. Currently, part from 39.430 euros.

BMW 4 Series Coupe is positioned currently as the rival more direct than this Mercedes s Class Coupe if we take into account the renewal slope of the Audi A5. The BMW 4 Series Coupe part from 40.700 euros in the case of the range of gasoline and from the 41.300 euro in the case of the range diesel.

we should Not forget, either, of a Lexus RC 300h that, with a mechanical hybrid of 223 horses part from 45.900 euros.


If you want to know more details of the Mercedes C-Class Coupe…

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