Mercedes C-Class Coupe: Mysterious mule of evidence sighted


New mule testing of the Mercedes C-Class Coupe.

despite the fact that just a year ago that the model came to our market, our photographers have already been able to meet with a new prototype of the Mercedes C-Class Coupe. The model of the images seems to suggest that we are in a mild update of the model, perhaps to incorporate the news that it will premiere the new C-Class saloon, however, a detailed analysis shows us that really this issue is being hired for some other type of test.

This unit has only with some camouflage on the front bumper, an element that seems to clearly temporary so that allows us to glimpse that grid and, above all, the two visible depressions found on the sides of the bumper, in whose apex there is a small hole.

is Not the first time that we see this kind of traits in a prototype of the German mark. Just a few weeks ago, our photographers discovered a mule of the new C-Class sedan that served as a test bed for an energy recovery system, installed in the front. That mule had a bumper similar to this, with two clear bas-reliefs on each side of the bumper.


Only the area in front shows what’s new.

Weeks later, we came back to find us units of similar tests, which no longer carried the energy recovery system, but yes the bumper mentioned. This could suggest that Mercedes is trying out in different models new hardware to a system of driving assistance. Perhaps an infrared device or some type of radar, although this is pure speculation.

on the other hand, a detailed analysis of the front shows us a disc that doesn’t seem entirely standard, because after the seem to bring new elements, of a size larger than the disk itself. That could mean a new device. Perhaps another type of KERS system that we already saw above, or some other type of mechanical device.

As we can see in the image below, to the left there is the odd cover that conceals the entire disc at the front of the mule, of the C-Class saloon, while to the right we see the disk of the mule today. After which seem to want to look out for new items.


To the left the flap that hides the front disc of the mule above.

The most plausible explanation for the copy of the images is that we are faced with a mule tests of new technical elements, more than to an update of the model, which arrived recently to the market..