Mercedes C-Class Of 2018: we Discovered some of the new details


Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate testing new energy recovery system.

The development department of Mercedes, does not rest at any station. In recent days, we have been able to see a few spy pictures of the latest models of the brand of the star by performing the tests of winter, in an environment of snow-capped peaks. Now it has been the turn of the new C-Class, a model that we have a time following the trail and we have studied more than a few test units.

On this occasion, we have been able to see two copies of the new Mercedes C-Class, in variants of body-sedan and Estate, during the mandatory testing with low temperatures, and our photographers have been able to get close enough to be able to extract a few developments of these units.

Both feature the curious bumper that has characterized a good part of the test units that we have been able to see these past few months, with two bas-reliefs on each side of the bumper. At the apex of these we found a small cave, and in the planes closest one can observe how in these it pokes a small item. What seems to confirm our guesses initial is this some kind of sensor, probably intended for some kind of system of driving assistance.


These sensors are a elements recurring in these units of the Class C.

On the front axle of the variant family we can see it in some shots as pokes the energy recovery system found in the current C350e plug-in hybrid, the hybrid version plug-in Class C. Hidden behind the disk, but visible to the naked eye, since that is larger in diameter than the disk itself.

Though the most interesting part is found in the inside. This is not the first time that we can glimpse of one of these test units, but it is the first time that we can see and photograph in detail some of the new elements of the dashboard and the console, as the new steering wheel, or the new touchpad.

The wheel of these drives features a new design. Is metal arms and the bottom has double a-arm, being now much more metal visible. The hand-held pendant stations on both sides have with new distribution and seem to have the tactile controls that premiered the new Class E.


The new wheel appears plugged, not the new touchpad.

on the other hand, go away the bulky knob of the infotainment system and in its place we now find a new touchpad, touch operation, which leaves a lot more clear the central area between the seats, similar to that which we found in several mules of the new Class S. we Understand that this makes the control functions for the various systems which are accessible from the center screen.