Mercedes celebrates the day of Back to the Future with three videos

Mercedes Regreso al Futuro

Back to the future has been one of the sagas that has marked a whole generation. The first film of the trilogy was released in 1985, the second in 1989 and third in 1990, but a quarter century later still remembering the story of Marty McFly and “Doc” Emmet Brown. In addition, this year is special for his followers, as in the second delivery was made to a trip in time to 2015.

more Specifically, the protagonists of Back to the Future II traveled in time to board the DeLorean up to the October 21, 2015. This date will be celebrated as the ‘day of Back to the Future’ and Mercedes has wanted to join the party. For them it has launched three short videos recollecting some of the moments seen in the movies and that have as protagonist the Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion.


As we can see in the first video, the prototype autonomous Mercedes emulates the DeLorean time-traveling to appear out of nothing with a big muzzle flash. To do this in the film had to be activated in the flux capacitor reaching the speed of 88 mph (140 km/h). And is that director Robert Zemeckis envisioned a 2015 very different from that in reality we are living.

we don’t Yet have scooters, hovercrafts, or straps to make the dog wander alone. Neither is the clothing self-adjusting and drying single and in addition the cars are rolling down the road and not by air. Other videos of Mercedes taught two of these fantasies. One of them is shown a hunter hoverboard (in the style of Lexus) and in the other a leash, dog walker, single.

A great homage to the movie that will also serve as a hook for advertising for Mercedes, which shows its autonomous vehicle F 015. This prototype futuristic uses of the technology fuel cell to offer an autonomy that is close to the 1,000 km. Returning to Back to the Future, although it has already been confirmed that there will be no more installments to the saga, fans will enjoy the re-runs of the film in cinemas on the 21st of October.

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