Mercedes Citan, now with gasoline engine and automatic

Mercedes CitanSince its launch, the Mercedes Citan, the van smallest of the mark of the star, has been receiving constant modifications. In may, it announced the arrival of the Euro 6 engines and the arrival of new equipment like the passenger seat double, the built-in browser or the parking camera. Now Mercedes is still making more attractive the range of the Quote by offering a new variant of petrol with automatic change.

The range of the small van debuts new developments in the variant Cite 112, equipped with a gasoline engine 1.2 turbo source Renault out of 114 horses. This motor increases now its maximum torque from 175 to 205 Nm with a function overboost, which acts by stepping on the throttle in second, third and fourth speed, for a maximum of 20 seconds. In this way it is easier to perform maneuvers such as overtaking or additions.

Mercedes CitanBut the main innovation associated to the Citan 112 is the arrival of the automatic change 6G-DCT, a box of double clutch and six-speed of the French manufacturer Renault, which comes to the Quote to offer a plus of comfort and more possibilities. With the automatic gearbox dual-clutch, the Mercedes Citan 112 retains the same benefits as with the manual change.

at The same time, Mercedes takes advantage of it to include a number of improvements across the range Citab. Versions with gate now have a handle on the inside, to close it without dirtying. The hand brake modify your design, leaving aside the type airplane in order to adapt a conventional one. Also modified the design of the box of watches to make it more similar to other commercial vehicles of Mercedes.

Source – Mercedes

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Mercedes Citan

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