Mercedes Class A 2012 news in one of the small Mercedes-Benz

Undoubtedly Mercedes Class A is an ideal city car but Mercedes- Benz although their versions ‘utilitarian’, could not leave out things like power and reliability.

Mercedes Clase A 2012, novedades en uno de los pequenos de Mercedes-Benz.

The Mercedes Class A car is a strong urban character, but with features that make it optimal for long walks, road or highway.

Purchaser new Mercedes Class A can choose from six engines, divided three diesel and three petrol. The first of 109, 136 and 170 horsepower, gasoline and 122, 156 and 211 hp. All versions have four-cylinder with direct injection, turbocharging and intelligent system for stopping and starting.

can also choose between normal and sport suspension, the more comfortable the first and the second supposedly more flexible in difficult driving conditions. The evidence that has been exposed Mercedes Class A talk about satisfactory results in acceleration, driving smoothness and security.

The interior cockpit of this “modest” Mercedes is wide enough to accommodate four large adults. With 341 liters, the stem is another advantage of a car with a length of 4.29 m and a width of 1.78 m.

The lowest price that can be achieved Mercedes Class A is € 26,150, a relatively reasonable price for Mercedes-Benz . Equipment levels are four: Urban, Style, AMG Sport and Sport. The latter two variants have different bumpers, dual exhaust, plus 18-inch wheels and perforated brake discs.

Mercedes Clase A 2012, novedades en uno de los pequenos de Mercedes-Benz

The new Mercedes Class A leaves MPV forms of their predecessors in the same class to be an all tourism, tourism which combines the properties mentioned details that active developer of speed, which aims to slow down or speed automatically depending on the traffic volume.

Source photos: Mercedes-Benz

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