Mercedes Class C 160, new 129 horsepower gasoline option

mercedes clase c Mercedes Clase C 160, nueva opción gasolina de 129 caballos Normally when we think about premium sedans, we get the idea of ​​cars with powerful engines, but the truth is that the premium manufacturers also offer access models with low power engines. Starting next Tuesday, Mercedes starts Marketing Mercedes C Class 160 alternative gasoline less powerful range and also cheaper version.

Equip a motor 1.6 turbo four-cylinder 129 horsepower and is associated with a manual six relationships, without the option of automatic gearbox seven speeds. The Mercedes C Class 160 will be available in both sedan body and in family and initially will start marketing in Germany. We do not know if it will come to Spain.

mercedes clase c 2 Mercedes Clase C 160, nueva opción gasolina de 129 caballos On the German market prices will be starting 31,683 euros for the sedan and 33,349 for the Estate. It involves more than 2,000 euros savings over the C 180 of 156 horses, which Spain part of 35,300 euros. In our market nor the two less powerful diesel versions of the C Class range offered, as are the C 180 and C 200 Bluetec 116 horses and 136 respectively.

In general, the premium brands in Germany offer less powerful and less equipped models that fail to certain countries. Following the example of the C-Class, the most basic is still sold with hubcaps and halogen headlights, both options that do not exist in our country.

Source – Mercedes

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