Mercedes Class E-Cell

Mercedes-friendly cars continue to develop environmentally driven by alternative energy to oil. After Smart ED and B-Class F-Cell, Daimler presents its third model with lithium ions.


Class E-Cell has five doors, five seats and same load capacity than a class A combustion (for 435-1370 liters) without issuing a gram of CO2. Is scheduled to begin production next month in plants Stuttering firm has in Rastatt.

The only difference, in terms of aesthetics, it Class E-Cell rest of the family presence of the logo “E-CELL” on the tailgate and no tailpipe . Moreover, the bi-xenon headlamps, COMAND APS multimedia system, Parking Assistant, THERMO automatic climate control, side airbags and a comfortable seating both front and rear.

Agility and driving pleasure are the premises that Mercedes wanted to keep the development of the electric version of its Class A. To ensure greater stability of lithium-ion batteries, which gives range of 200 kilometers These have been placed under the floor, so do not affect habitability of the vehicle. Something that is tested and approved B-Class F-Cell.

This location of the batteries, also favors better insulation of energy, so it does not interfere with other electronic devices. It also increases security because was are separate parts which are deformed in an accident .

The engine delivers 70 kW of electrical power (about 95 hp) and 290 Nm of torque. This electric vehicle is able to go from 0 to 60 km. / H in 5.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 150 km. /h.

A new feature that brings Class E-Cell is the cooling of batteries . A special chemical mixture ensures a constant temperature circuit and the same control unit controls the air conditioner. Another peculiarity is that assembly is easily replaceable batteries . Charging system offers several options: plugged to normal takes eight hours to fully charge the electric grid, but if we get to a point fast charging time may fall to three hours. A-Class E-Cell has an intelligent communication that warns users when is the best (least cost) to charge the car.

Each function of Mercedes E- Class A cell is controlled by a multifunction display that allows users to have at their disposal all the information about the car. Battery status, … screen has autonomy available charging points en interface in three colors that will change depending on how Driving visual alert if we drive up to use much energy or contrary we do it financially.

Mercedes plans to start production in small series of 500 vehicles intended for long term rentals.

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