Mercedes CLE 2018: hunted for the first time the successor to the CLS-Class

Mercedes CLE 2018 - foto espía

Mercedes CLE 2018. Starts the development of the successor of the Mercedes CLS.

The successor of the Mercedes CLS is already on the way. When the mark of the star introduced the Mercedes CLS, Final Edition, it was made clear that the CLS-Class, as we know it, is history. The second generation (the present), came to the dealers in the year 2010. Time passes and the Mercedes CLS has not been oblivious to this. The German manufacturer is aware that it is necessary to work in a powerful replacement. And proof of this are these first spy photos of the Mercedes CLE, the successor to the CLS-Class.

Our photographers have managed to catch the new Mercedes CLE during one of its first test sessions on the open road. And although it is completely camouflaged, your silhouette already hinted at the line that will follow this new model. With a launch scheduled for the year 2018, we can say that the development of the successor is located, for now, in a very “primitive”.

change of name of CLS to CLE comes due to the strategy of nomenclature that is in keeping with Mercedes-Benz. Will keep a close relationship with the current generation of the Mercedes E-Class, as the new Mercedes CLE will use the same platform as well as a large number of components. And although level technical/mechanical is expected a great revolution, we cannot say the same of your design.

Mercedes CLE 2018 - foto espía lateral

The new Mercedes a-Class CLE will share a platform and many components with the Class E.

while we may not take many points of reference of these spy photos of the Mercedes CLE 2018 due to the camouflage shown on the unit tests, our photographers already warn us that the successor of the Mercedes CLS will present an evolved design, following part of the base current. The silhouette of the Class CLE will be less pronounced, by subtracting the part of the aggression and sportiness that transmits the current model.

¿And what will happen with the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake? it is Still too early to anticipate if eventually the new Mercedes CLE will add this body to their range. For now, everything points to that not will make the leap and finally the successor to the CLS will be available only with body four-door coupé. The sales have not accompanied and Mercedes-Benz will focus on a choice most rational in this aspect.

In terms of the section mechanic, the engine range will be renewed for a full. Gone are the V6 engines of today, giving way to new blocks more efficient and performance. The top of the range will be reserved for the relevant version with the seal of Mercedes-AMG.

Mercedes CLE 2018 - foto espía posterior

The new Mercedes CLE will arrive at dealers in the year 2018.

As we have said at the beginning of the article, the new
Mercedes CLE will arrive at dealers in mid of the year 2018. The idea of
the brand is to introduce this model a year after the Mercedes E-Class Coupe.