Mercedes CLS Final Edition, can be looming a farewell?

Mercedes CLS Final Edition

Mercedes CLS and CLS Shooting Brake ‘Final Edition’.

More than six years behind his back is a heavy burden with which the CLS-Class Mercedes-Benz already can barely move. So, the second generation of the Mercedes CLS takes us from the year 2010 and everything points to that, just remaining a few months in the market. what Is preparing Mercedes its goodbye? Because everything seems to be that will be the case. And proof of this is the announcement of the Mercedes CLS Final Edition.

A special edition for both the Mercedes CLS as the CLS Shooting Brake and we know farewell. Account with a greater equipment as well as the incorporation of different packages that are optionally available in the range. Taking a look at both models, we see that have been dressed with the exterior package AMG Line that adds different details.

In particular, we find a alloy wheels of 18 or 19 inches with a finish in black and/or silver, as well as some side skirts, bumper, rear, a grille with chrome accents as well as a output dual exhaust. Also equipped with standard LED headlights and the sunroof glass heat insulation.

Mercedes CLS Final Edition

Mercedes CLS Final Edition.

¿And what about the interior? Although we do not have pictures of the cabin, Mercedes has confirmed that the CLS Final Edition features a trim black leather with contrasting seams. It also has a steering wheel flat bottom with shift paddles in silver and a few heated front seats.

For the moment we only know the prices that will have the new Mercedes CLS Final Edition in the German market. It is available from the 54.680€, and, as we have said, we can opt for the body base as the family CLS Shooting Brake.

¿When it will come the new generation of Mercedes CLS? To the end of next year, 2017, the new CLS should be ready for their landing in the market. It has also been talking about that could fall out of the range body Shooting Brake because their sales are very low. However, these are mere reports and for the moment we can not anticipate a lot of details about it. In any case, if you’re thinking of getting a
Mercedes CLS, this special series may be the ideal time to do this.

Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake Final Edition

Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake Final Edition.