Mercedes CLS Final Edition: extra equipment in the requiem of the CLS

Mercedes faces the straight end of the Mercedes CLS with, as it could not be otherwise, a special edition. Under the name of Mercedes CLS Final Edition the German firm is facing the end of a model to which we can consider as a pioneer in the use of a body of coupe design that kept the rear doors, a concept that has spread to other segments and even within the brand we find in the Mercedes CLA and the Mercedes GLE Coupe and Mercedes GLC Coupe.

This special edition offers us a look, both interior and exterior, topped by AMG where there is no shortage of the alloy wheels division sports. We are also a leather upholstery, sports pedals with a metallic finish, tinted windows and a floor mat with the engraving of “Final Edition”.

Appears in addition to between your equipment to the LED lights adaptive, heated seats and a sports steering wheel, but… what are the engines available in this release?

This special edition will be available both for the sedan as for the family, the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake as well as all engines and being able to choose between 6 different finishes for your interior.

We are therefore faced with a special edition that offers us more equipment, with the touch of AMG, with the only distinctive feature of the engraving of their mats.

For now we do not know if you will get the same price for the Spanish market, but since the release of the brand already speaks of an additional price of 8.211 € for this release, bearing in mind that, in Spain, the Mercedes CLS has a price starting 65.125 euro for the sedan and 67.175 euros for the Shooting Brake.