Mercedes Concept To Sedan: the first images of the new A-Class sedan concept


New Mercedes Concept A Sedan.

These are the first images of the prototype that Mercedes has unveiled at the Auto show in Shanghai in 2017, the Mercedes Concept To Sedan, a conceptual model of reduced size that it passes us the lines of the future range of compact models of the German mark.

As we can see by the pictures, the design of the Concept A Sedan is related to the sculpture Aesthetics To the firm unveiled a few months ago that was a foreshadowing of the lines not only of this model, but the new design language of the family of models of the C-segment of the signature.

The prototype has a body formed by soft surfaces, almost without edges, starting with a sculpted front which has been taken from the sporty AMG GT, from the front grille Pan until the shapes of the air inlets on the side. The pilots are very jagged, triangular-shaped, and the hood is born already horizontal on the same grill, so that the look is very sharp.


This is the design pattern that will continue the Class and its derivatives.

The silhouette is very fluid and athletic, with a brief third volume is also very clean, with hardly any edges or junctions. Lenses rear also appear triangular in shape, in a way that reminds us of the current CLA, though with a design more stylish and flush than the current model.

According to the statements of Gorden Wagener, head of design of Daimler AG, the Concept To Sedan show a new chapter in the history of design in the brand, in which the visible creases and sharp edges will disappear. Giving place to a more soft surfaces, more clean and clear. The huge 20-inch wheels, rear-view mirrors to a minimum and the absence of levers that are visible on the doors help to emphasize this effect.

The prototype not only advances the design language that will be used from now on the Class
and its derivatives, but is the sketch of the future A-Class sedan, a
model which you can see here in exclusive is some months ago and which will be located next to the CLA current but with a positioning
more light into the interior space, not to good sportsmanship, and by
both with another target in mind.