Mercedes confirmed that a luxury pickup is underway


Mercedes-Pickup M ercedes-Benz is very close expand its reach to the segment of pickups when the year 2020 comes to market an unprecedented vehicle double cab and cargo box. This was confirmed Mercedes-Benz through a statement issued by the commercial vehicles division, indicating that this new product will be released towards the end of the decade as a method to further boost its global growth.

Dieter Zetsche , president of Mercedes said that this vehicle will contribute very well to growth targets worldwide stating that they will enter the segment with its brand identity and all typical brand attributes with regard to safety, comfort, plants and motor of course, the price .

Along with the statement, Mercedes-Benz released the sketch enclosed at the beginning of this note and ensuring there is already a full-scale model built on clay. This unprecedented product from the German supposed arrival at the market must compete against Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and Volkswagen Amarok .

The Mercedes pickup will occur in several regions of the world. It hit the market before the end of the decade.

Its key markets will Australia, Europe, Latin America and South Africa offside leaving the United States, which at first seems surprising, given the predilection of Americans for that segment.

But Mercedes seems to be clear that a product that combines the qualities of an SUV with a luxury car does not fit within the chosen by US brands that market strategy, which a proposal so different may not work well in the United States.

The division Mercedes-Benz Vans will be responsible for development and time to market of the first pickup in the history of the company. They claim to perfectly satisfy customers looking for a vehicle that offers a high level of utility while comfort, safety, and design of a sedan brand .

It is possible that platform vehicle is based on any of the products alliance Daimler-Renault Nissan , considering that some of the commercials for Mercedes as the cite share its underpinnings with Renault Nissan vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz did not disclose details of the investment or the date of product launch, but said he is preparing for produce the vehicle on a large scale in different regions of the world over the next five years.


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