Mercedes continues to conceal his potential in F1

Rosberg en el GP de RusiaThe same Bernie Ecclestone hinted that Mercedes had helped Ferrari to take a step forward in terms of performance with your engine to deliver a show more to change the rules that now benefit the team of the star do not end up being eliminated, in favor of greater equality and greater spectacle, to continue to dominate. In fact, Mercedes is the team that most complaint by the change of rules that will be introduced next year.

last season there were many voices that were saying that Mercedes had relaxed intentionally leave a gap to Ferrari and not to show all his potential. But it seems that in this remain the same. Have won the first few races, yes, but with Ferrari very close. Niki Lauda you want to do interesting insinuating that we have not seen the true Ferrari yet, but what is certain is that Kimi got a podium finish in the last race of miracle, since it seemed to have fallen asleep and could not with the Williams of Bottas.

Ferrari siguiendo a MercedesAlso there are rumours about a possible plot of the Mercedes against Lewis Hamilton, based on all the problems he has had the british at the start of this season and the points that already takes taken out Nico Rosberg. Although I honestly don’t think they are conspiring against Hamilton, but what is certain is that it will be very difficult to get the world this year to not be his team-mate start now to lose points for problems similar to those that he has had…

But back to the performance of Mercedes, depressing to see that everything remains the same and that Mercedes continues to dominate that way. And what we see in the most unexpected moments such as when Rosberg suffered a problem in the MGU-K in the last race in Sochi, despite the fact that finished first with an advantage, but if that is not enough, the W07 does not seem to have a rival when he made the fastest lap of the race with the engine in “safe mode”. In addition, despite all of this, Hamilton could not play the Q3 was able to become second, which shows that the alleged pressure of the Ferrari seems to be a mirage that both have an interest in Ferrari as Mercedes