Mercedes could stop selling diesel engines in the united States

Nuevos motores de Mercedes para 2017

Mercedes is a brand with a great global impact. But of course, not all markets are equal and sometimes there are decisions that only affect a specific region. For example, now the German brand is considering the stop selling diesel models in the united States. In that country, the sales of this type of mechanics has always been lower than in Europe and now after the Dieselgate it seems have slowed even more.

apparently the trademark of the star is costing to obtain the approval to sell some of their diesel models in the american market. One of the affected in the more recent was the Mercedes Class C diesel was initially delayed and finally cancelled. For this reason, they have decided to do a market study to check the demand of diesel in the united States and rethink your business strategy.

Mercedes motores

So let it fall Matthias Luehrs, vice president of sales and product management, which stated that they had to study it and “to see if it makes sense offer diesel engines in the future.” Also added that “we have not come to a conclusion, but it is obvious that always tends to develop and deliver cars in accordance with the demand of customers”. The research will begin in early 2017.

check out all the diesel engines in the u.s. market, is a as quite radical but that is in the air due to a demand that continues to fall. Currently the brand is trying to get the EPA approval to bring the Mercedes GLS 350d that carries a V6 diesel. Later I will try with the versions diesel of the GLC and GLE. we’ll See what ends up happening with this type of mechanics in this country.

Source – Automotive News