Mercedes don’t give a Ferrari for dead to 2017


The fall of performance that Ferrari has experienced over their rivals in the stretch summer has not gone unnoticed to the rest of the teams, even more so after that Red Bull is placing before the break in the second position in the constructors ‘ championship, and the departure of James Allison the technical director.

The Italian team, which faced 2016, with the intention of consolidating the assault started in 2015 at the throne of Mercedes, not yet known victory this season, and many are the voices that point to that the Scuderia would already be concentrating resources of face-to-2017, trying to take advantage of the change of regulation and to avoid the loss of land suffered at the beginning of the era turbo in 2014.

therefore, from Mercedes show extremely cautious about ruling out Ferrari as a rival to the future. In particular, Toto Wolff believes that Ferrari has the means and dedication necessary to get back to winning races:

“you can Not give to Ferrari for dead. Have passed clearly through a hard time recently, and have focused very soon on 2017, so that you can’t underestimate a team with so many resources and so much passion“.

The leadership of Mercedes “is not going to last forever”

The head of Mercedes also spoke the challenge posed by Red Bull, which has managed to sandwich between their cars on more than one occasion in the last grands prix, a very different situation with regard to 2015.

Analyzing the data, Wolff believes that the strengths and circuits-a favorite of Mercedes they are not so, that the differences between both cars are less predictable, and does not rule out that, eventually, Mercedes will quit have advantage in front of the grille:

we had Hoped that Hungary was a very difficult race and that Red Bull would render well, and it was the opposite: we were as strong as at Silverstone. Hockenheim should have been more easy for us and not what was, so I think it is not so clear. We have not seen the true pace of Hamilton because controlled the differences, but they are approaching”.

“Because there was too much speed difference on the straight, and the sector three was very good for Red Bull, so will be back in full form next year. We have kept the lead almost two and a half years, and it’s not going to last forever“.