Mercedes E-Class 2016, 5 reasons for purchase compared to its competitors


The new Mercedes E-Class arrives stronger than ever

The Mercedes E-Class 2016 is already official. From the Detroit motor show that has just opened its doors today, comes the first official gallery of the saloon together with interesting data of its characteristics, although some already knew. The saloon representation of the segment E Mercedes comes with a lot strong, so much so that their German rivals are going to have to put the batteries.

And is that Mercedes has made the new generation of the E-Class is positioned a little higher in the scale of their categories, which makes it closer to the current and successful Mercedes S-Class that to his younger brother, the Mercedes Class C. we See his five essential points, the five reasons for which you should get with the new E-Class before that of their rivals.

Design recognized

A design is very sporty and stylish curved lines, that hardly we will notice differences to the naked eye in respect to his brethren except in certain details such as the signature of light, or the main grille -which changes its design depending on the finish-in addition to the obvious dimensions of the vehicle itself. Hood length as a coupe, profile tense, characteristic short overhangs and dynamic roof collapse that ends in a sport behind. Its length has increased by 43 mm (4.923 mm).

To Mercedes it worked very well the design of the S-Class, introduced him to the Class C and went back to work, so now what we see in the new E-Class as expected. It may be that many do not agree to use a design almost exact in different formats, but what is certain is that it works very well to the manufacturer.

Luxury interior of a S-Class

In your car to be able to have a the quality of materials, settings, and technology to the height of the new S-Class. Versions top of range come with a dashboard similar to that of the large sedan with two digital displays panoramic views of 12.3 inches each for the box of instruments and the main console. Mercedes does not abandon his practical Touch-Pad for the control system of info-entertainment.

For the first time used button touch in the multifunction steering wheel that work like a current smartphone, allows you to to control certain functions by voice and your ambient lighting, you have to 64 tones to choose from to customize our cabin.


The exterior design of the new saloon is not surprising but nor dislike

Travelling in First Class

We continued inside of the new Mercedes E-Class, its interior has been improved considerably in comfort. The distance between the axles of the vehicle are increased in 65 mm which has an impact on a greater space for the occupants. It has new seats also with a sporty look and stylish that change depending on the finish chosen, with the possibility of equip armrest, heated in the doors and center console.

The second row of seats can be chosen with seat backrests split into two or three sections depending on our needs. The rear seats can be equipped with a support for laptops or tablets, in addition to the center back hides a stowage compartment and two drink holders folding.

High technology at the service of the driver

serial account with the Attention Assist alert to symptoms of fatigue or distractions, and a wizard that helps to counteract the strong gusts of wind side. Optionally you can equip the Auto Pilot, mode driving semi-autonomous that allows you to even track a vehicle at speeds of up to 210 km/h, braking, automatic emergency function for crosses and a wizard of evasive maneuvers for when you dodge an unexpected obstacle.


An inside to the height of the great Mercedes S-Class

Other technology highlights are the incredible headlamps-Multibeam LED high-definition (84 diodes per headlight), the auto pilot to park a distance -that allows the vehicle to park and leave from the outside, with the help of our smartphone -, connection Car-to-X between vehicles to exchange information that will help warn you of danger that we still don’t see, the system PRE-SAFE Impulse Side that helps to mitigate the damages of the driver and front passenger in case of side impact collision or the digital key which allows you to use our smartphone as a key to the vehicle.

Efficient mechanical

The offer of engines for the new E-Class comprises propellant efficient that comply with the Euro 6 legislation. At the time of its launch will be available versions And 200 (petrol 184 HP) and E 220 d (diesel 195 HP), both as blocks of four cylinders between which stands out the propellant diesel of new development prepared for the future regulation of emissions under real-world conditions (RDE).

later will come the version hybrid plug-in E 350 e (279 HP and 600 Nm of torque), which approves a consumption of 2,1 liters 100 km and can travel up to 30 km mode exclusively electric. The offer is supplemented with six-cylinder engines, gasoline E 400 4MATIC (333 HP) and diesel E 350 d (258 HP), and even a variant of access diesel engine with 150 HP.


Will have a mechanical hybrid plug-in