Mercedes E Class 2016: first image, the naked, the body of the sedan with more advanced technology of Mercedes

Because lack least for the arrival of the new Mercedes s Class And 2016, a new generation of the large sedan of representation of Mercedes-Benz and a product highly anticipated, the innovations that will bring with it, and by completing the effective renewal of the range sedan from Mercedes, which started two ago with its flagship the Mercedes s Class. And the reason that leads us to believe that this Mercedes E-Class will be unveiled very soon is none other than the first images that already are anticipating his appearance and technology. What you see will be the body naked on the that will build the new E-Class, which for obvious reasons, and in light of the homogeneity of Mercedes-Benz is printing to its range, it will look like an elongated version of the C-Class, or a shortened version of the Class S.

The aluminum will be the great protagonist of the bodywork of the new Mercedes E-Class. It is expected a very extensive use of aluminum in key elements, such as your hood, trunk lid, or roof, so the weight savings that achieve this new generation is apparent and results in improvement of their services and their consumption.

Her presentation will take place at the Detroit motor show in early 2016.


  • Another of the aspects in which we hope that the Mercedes E-Class will feature a great leap in quality will be the of its technology. This new Mercedes E Class has to accommodate the technologies that already premiered by its big brother, the S-Class, or even innovating with systems unprecedented in its range of products, which gradually will spread to the rest of the range.

    we Already know that the new Mercedes E-Class will feature incredible technologies (9 future technologies (sometimes mind-boggling) that you’ll see very soon in the Mercedes E-Class), almost science fiction, including a system of driving semi-autonomous driving aids advanced (will be even able to dodge cars turning direction, to avoid accidents), car parking system, automatic or even a system to prevent damage to the ears when we suffer an accident.

    Of all this we will be giving more details in the coming months. I will not be the slightest doubt.

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