Mercedes E-Class 2016, this is its range of engines


Know the range of engines for the Mercedes E-Class 2016

The new Mercedes E Class 2016 will not be unveiled officially until January 2016, during the days of the press of the Detroit motor show. But the engine range of the new the vehicle of representation has already come to light through a portal to lovers of the three-pointed star.

Find a new block gasoline four-cylinder 2.0-liter that will be offered at powers between 184 and 245 HP. Above this we find the intermediate versions with a six-cylinder of up to 367 horsepower, and the top of the range with the 4.0 V8 the Mercedes-AMG GT up 510 HP.

Version Power
Mercedes E Class 200 184 CV
Mercedes E Class 250 211 HP
Mercedes E-Class 300 245 HP
Class Mercedes E 400 333 CV
Mercedes E-Class 450 AMG 367 HP
Mercedes-AMG E 63 up to 510 HP

In the section of the diesel, the updated four-cylinder you’ll find it in versions of between 150 and 231 HP, while the current 3.0 V6 will reach up to 260 HP. The rumors also claim that we will see options diesel power superior to the 300 HP are still unconfirmed.

Version Power
Mercedes Class E 200 BlueTEC 150 HP
Mercedes E-Class 220 BlueTEC 194 HP
Mercedes E-Class 300 BlueTEC 231 HP
Class Mercedes E 350 BlueTEC 260 HP

The offer is complemented with variants more eco-friendly hybrid plug-in. On the one hand we have the Class E 350 e that combines a petrol engine with one electric, while it does not rule out even the arrival of a variant diesel/electric.


The vehicle of representation will be revealed in January 2016

series all of the E-Class will be propulsion rear, and optional four wheel drive 4MATIC for versions higher. The automatic transmission 9G-TRONIC 9 relationships will be a standard in almost all the range, except the diesel engines that will be available in a manual change of six speeds.

the Quality of a S-Class

The new E-Class will possess a quality and luxury closest to the new s Class. The seats of its interior will have the possibility to equip functions massage, optionally you can mount a touch screen of 12.3 inches, and the ambient light will be available in 64 shades. Have a new electrical architecture of 48 volt and its AIR system BODY CONTROL will have a air suspension multi-camera.