Mercedes E-Class, 43 Estate, I Hunted!

Mercedes Clase E 43 Estate - foto espía

A first sneak look at the Mercedes E-Class, 43 Estate.

During these past weeks the activity of our photographers has been quite frantic in terms of new Mercedes-Benz refers. And is that the own Mercedes E-Class Estate 2017 hunted almost no camouflage, we must add the latest spy photos of the Mercedes E-Class Maybach (the version top of range in exclusivity and refinement refers to it) or the Mercedes E63 AMG Wagon caught while being unloaded from a transport truck.

well, all these spy photos mentioned above we must add these in the future Mercedes E-Class, 43 Estate. In addition, he has been hunted on any road in the south of Spain, so that, once more, in Mercedes continue to rely on our territory to test their future releases (especially in the regions of the south for its weather at this time of the year).

Although the model that we see in the photographs is dressed with a large amount of camouflage, are more than enough to whet and anticipate the line will continue to the new E-Class 43 Estate. Within the range of the Mercedes E-Class, with bodywork family (Estate), it will be placed as one of the most versatile options for combination of finishes and the mechanics of that will make use.

Mercedes Clase E 43 Estate - foto espía

Photo spy of the Mercedes E-Class, 43 Estate.

And that is, if we look behind, it jumps to the sight of the exhaust system with dual built-in output in the own bumper while at the rear there is a roof spoiler. The roof also has some ribbons that seem to have a chrome finish.

And although the time is tbd, everything seems to indicate that the new E-Class, 43 Estate of Mercedes-Benz is positioned as the successor to the old 450 AMG Sport. At the moment it is too soon to estimate when we will see it in the market or at what point in time will be presented in society, although seeing the dense camouflage with which he has dressed, I’m very much afraid that it will still wait a few months.

In any case, this variant with body family keep lots of references with the base model type saloon. Both at the architecture level as well as in what equipment and technology is concerned. Therefore, we can get a clearer idea as to what kind of model we will find a time to reveal.