Mercedes E-Class Cabrio 2017: the family is already complete

While in Spain the winter is giving his last
legs, it is evident that the spring and the good weather is just around the
corner, it is for this reason that there was no better time for the brand of the
star desvelase all the details of the latest member of the family Class E. So, we talked about the convertible model. The new Mercedes E-Class
Cabrio 2017
is already a reality.

Mercedes Clase E Cabrio 2017

Mercedes E-Class Cabrio 2017, the family is already complete.

The expected model of four-seater with a canvas roof benefits of the rest of new developments and advances already seen in the rest of their “brothers” with the body sedan, family (Estate) or the most recent of all, the alternative more country, the All-Terrain. Everything is ready for his debut at the imminent Geneva motor show, 2017 and his release will take place shortly after that event.

E-Class Limousine, elegance and distinction to the open sky

In comparison with the outgoing model, the new Mercedes E Class Convertible benefits from a selection of most efficient engines, most advanced security systems and the latest technology level of connectivity and entertainment. And how could it be less, the new E-Class Cabrio will offer its occupants the heating system AIRSCARF. One of the major innovations of this renovation is the introduction of all-wheel drive 4Matic in the range.

With the canvas roof closed, the new Mercedes E Class Cabrio features a silhouette very similar to that of the E-Class Coupe 2017. And it is that, with the exception of the system, a convertible and several changes in the rear, we could say that we are looking at the same model. Elegance, sportiness and exclusivity are some of the terms that we can use to define the new German model.

Mercedes Clase E Cabrio 2017

The Mercedes E-Class Cabrio 2017 makes use of a canvas roof and is available with all-wheel drive 4Matic.

Some of the most characteristic elements of the new design of the Mercedes E-Class Cabrio 2017 are the LED headlights High-Performance, new grill or the lengthened hood. At the rear we find a new set of LED lights. The suspension has been lowered by 15 mm and of series are fit some alloy wheels of 17 inches. Optionally we can equip some packages of style as the AMG Line.

canvas roof will be available in four colors (Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Dark Red and Black). In the manufacturing process of the fabric the brand has followed a similar process to that of their latest convertibles launched to the market. It has improved the acoustic and thermal insulation of the interior thanks to its manufacture using multiple layers. Is derived from the one used by the S-Class Cabrio.

Can be open or closed in 20 seconds even when it is running always, and when you do not overcome the 50 km/h. With the roof closed, the luggage compartment cubic 385 liters, although if we pick up the hood, this figure is reduced to 310 litres, respectively. In addition, we have noted that new rear seats of the E Class Cabriolet are 50:50 split folding, a point in favor that enhances the practical nature of this convertible for a daily use.

Mercedes Clase E Cabrio 2017

The new Mercedes E-Class Cabrio share equipment and technology with the rest of models that make up the range.

Leaving to one side the outside, and taking a look at the pictures of the inside, we are enveloped by an atmosphere that is simple, elegant and warm. Incorporates the two high-resolution screens of 12 inches (optional) and the driver can choose between three different styles for the box of instruments. The most basic model still has two dials separated by a central screen. The new system of info-entertainment offers a high degree of connectivity and allows us to use Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto.

on the other hand, we are facing a passenger compartment more spacious for both the driver and co-driver as to the occupants of the rear seats. Measures 4.826 mm long, to 1,860 mm wide and among 1,428 high.

The provision of security is enhanced with respect to the outgoing model thanks to the incorporation of all the driving aids and safety technologies already seen in the rest of the members of the family Mercedes E Class. It will be more comfortable and safe trips in this convertible German. In addition, we have the systems Dynamic Select and Air Body Control that will allow us to be at the controls of a vehicle that adapts to any situation to offer the best answer.

Mercedes Clase E Cabrio 2017 - lateral

the hood of The Mercedes E-Class Cabrio 2017 can be open/close in 20 seconds.

Going to the section mechanic on the Mercedes E-Class Cabrio 2017, we will have at our disposal a range of diesel and gasoline engines. Depending on the selected block you can configure a system of rear-wheel drive or even for the first time, the all-wheel drive 4Matic. All models come partners-series a automatic gearbox 9G-TRONIC nine-speed.