Mercedes E-Class Cabrio, completing the range open to the sky

Mercedes Clase E Cabrio

Say what you want, at least in the greater part of our country, the best seasons to enjoy a convertible are autumn and spring. Few weeks are left of winter, and many days we are already an atmosphere of spring, being so that we could all use as a glove to the new Mercedes E-Class Cabrio that the German brand has just show us and be officially presented next week at the Geneva motor show.

there is nothing new in terms of design on this Mercedes E-Class Cabrio. Already expected to take as a basis the version of the Coupé and used a soft top, which, by the way, it is able to appear and disappear at 20 seconds is able to perform both of these operations automatically, with the push of a button. dimensions are 4,83 meters long, 1.86 meters wide and 1.43 meters high, the undercarriage leaves the Cabrio is 15 mm closer to the ground compared to the sedan.

Mercedes Clase E Cabrio

the mark of The three-pointed star has sought to improve the comfort of the four occupants in this Mercedes E-Class Cabrio. People traveling in places later will have a greater space for the legs. On the other hand, and following with comfort, there are systems such as windscreen electric Aircap or the integrated heating in the seat called Airscarf, which perform the function of a “scarf of hot air” to be able to enjoy the uniqueness of this car even on days of low temperatures.

Mercedes has not confirmed the range mechanics of the Mercedes E-Class Cabrio, but we can expect it to be identical to his brother’s roof closed. The German mark is limited to the comment that, for the first time, it will be available a version with the all-wheel drive 4Matic. Itself has ruled on the load capacity of your new convertible, that will be 385 litres when the roof is deployed, and of 310 liters when the pleguemos.

Mercedes Clase E Cabrio

Mercedes E-Class (W212)
From a 42,500 euro