Mercedes E-Class Coupe 2017: All the new features in 5 keys


Design very similar to that of their brothers-in-range.

After the filtration of one of the commercial catalogues of the model in Germany, that provided us with all the clues and details of the new model, Mercedes-Benz has revealed the complete the new E-Class Coupe 2017 on its scheduled date, the 14th of December.

The new model separates himself radically from his predecessor at multiple levels, now enjoying a image more sporty, but more close to that of his brothers of range. Complementing the range of the newly renovated Class E, becoming the fourth variant of the body of the range.

Initially, Mercedes has presented only 4 versions mechanical, of which we only find a diesel engine, the frugal E200d, and a version of all-wheel drive, the E400 4MATIC that by the time crown range with its engine V6 3.0-liter 333 HP and 480 Nm maximum torque.


The E-Class Coupe is about aesthetically to the other coupés of the brand.

1. New design

The new E-Class coupe 2017 stands out for having a completely new design, which what about aesthetically to the rest of the coupes of the German brand. From now on, coupes or two-door derivative of a saloon car will have a design language of its own, easily recognizable.

as anticipated by studying the first few units of tests taken by our photographers, the new E-Class Coupé sits between the C-Class Coupe and S-Class Coupe, taking on the silhouette and a large number of features of these models. Its design brings an image very dynamic, which separates it even more than the sedan from which it derives. Its design is therefore more sporty and less bourgeois than its predecessor.


streamlined Design despite the larger size.

2. Larger

Although it may seem at first glance, this new generation of E-Class Coupé grows in all its dimensions. It is nothing less than 123 mm longer than its predecessor, with 113 mm more than battle. But in addition, the width of the tracks grows to between 67 and 68 mm, with a gain in total width of 74 mms.

despite the obvious size increase, thanks to the new forms and, above all, to the new proportions of your body do not seem greater. In fact, although it grows in height, has only gained 3.2 centimeters with respect to the coupe before, so that the current seems much more stylized than this one.

This allows the model allow for more space in the passenger compartment, which is clear with just a look at the pictures of the new interior, very well finished off but now with an atmosphere where they can breathe more luxury.


The interior oozes luxury and distinction.

3. Luxury

The German brand is putting a lot of effort into their latest releases in terms of materials and finishes, however, the result that we find in the new E-Class Coupé we can define it with terms like ” luxury. Since their finishes do not seem to own a model of the segment E.

like the E-Class, current, is strongly influenced by the current S-Class, and saving minor details, such as the worked exits of the ventilation, has the same dashboard and seats of the Class E. Included the two large horizontal screens, one of which is the dashboard.

The quality of the different trim elements and turquoise is clear, with the striking horizontal line with an aspect of way that runs along the doors and divide the dashboard in two. The interior can be customized in multiple ways, including a system LED ambient lighting that allows you to choose between 64 different colors.


The E-Class Coupe 2017 incorporates the latest developments of the brand.

4. Technology

as well as the new E-Class, offers the latest developments of the brand. Starting with the dashboard, we find the huge screens of 12.3 inches, one of them the dashboard. Setting premiered in the S-Class current.

In the section on the connectivity, we find the last systems, with connectivity Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to our smartphone, Wifi access point, USB connection and of course, system of wireless charging of our mobile device.

In terms of the driving assistance also, we find the last of the catalog of the group Daimler in this area, with systems like Drive Pilot, system parking distance or partial function of autopilot of distance DISTRONIC. One of the technological details more eye-catching than the launch of the E-Class Coupe is the of the function of welcome of the rear lights, which acts on the brake lights by activating the LEDs sequentially. From the inside to the outside when the vehicle is open and in the opposite direction when it is closed.


A range initial of 4 engines.

5. Efficiency

Mercedes has only presented a range starting with 4 engines. To more forward we expect new versions sport AMG, but for the moment, the clients will be in the dealerships with an offer composed of a block diesel and three petrol. A bid mechanics we can define as very efficient, since despite the fact that the powers are of a very high-consumption and emissions are very bajos.

E200d E200 E300 E400 4MATIC
Motor 4 in line 4 in line 4 in línea V6
Cilindrada 1.950 1.991 1.991 2.996
Combustible Diésel Gasolina Gasolina Gasolina
Potencia 194 HP 184 CV 245 HP 333 CV
Consumption (L/100km) 4.0 6.0 6.4 8.1
Emissions (g CO2/km) 106 136 147 183
Clasif. energética A+ B B D

As we can see in the table, iven the block diesel boasts of an energy label A+, with an average consumption approved of only 4.0 liters per 100, despite having a power close to 200 HP. All engines are linked to the automatic gearbox 9G-Tronic, and except for the E400 4MATIC, all are rear-wheel-drive.