Mercedes E-Class Coupe 2017: starts production in Bremen

Mercedes Clase E Coupé 2017 - producción

the production of The new Mercedes E-Class Coupe has already been initiated.

The first units of the new Mercede E-Class Coupe 2017 are already leaving the assembly line of the factory, the mark of the star is in Bremen (Germany). The production of the new E-Class Coupé has already been started and it is a matter of time to see it in the dealerships. On the day of yesterday we publish all the prices for the Spanish market. Some rates starting from the 53.700€.

A range which at the moment consists of three options of which there will only be a diesel. However, later Mercedes will introduce more versions of diesel and the future variant with the seal of Mercedes-AMG. The first deliveries will be made to their respective customers coinciding with the arrival of the spring of this year 2017. The production of new E-Class Coupe takes place in the same factory where Mercedes produces the C-Class Coupe and C-Class Cabriolet, among other models.

face at the end of this decade, the Mercedes plant in Bremen will produce vehicles with mechanics of all kinds. From the motors to the traditional combustion to plug-in hybrids and 100% electric. There are currently ten different models and the plant gives employment to more than 12,500 workers.

Mercedes Clase E Coupé 2017 - producción

The Mercedes E-Class Coupe 2017 is made on the ground that the mark is in Bremen (Germany).

on the basis of the model with bodywork sedan, the new E-Class Coupé marks the next step will be the design language of the German mark. With its launch, the new generation E-Class can now boast a total of four bodies (five if we add the future arrival of the E-Class Cabrio): Saloon, Estate, All-Terrain and Coupes. It is also interesting to note that in the chinese market is produced and marketed a variant of battle extended from the Mercedes Class E.

Among its main novelties, the new Mercedes E Class Coupe 2017 stands out for presenting a refreshed design that closer to the other coupés of the brand with an image more sporty and less “bourgeois”. It also grows in size as it is 123 mm longer than its predecessor, and the width of the tracks grows to between 67 and 68 mm, with a gain in total width of 74 mm Thanks to this, it has managed to offer a passenger compartment more spacious.

Its interior is clearly influenced by the Mercedes S-Class. The materials and finishes of first quality. Something that, combined with the latest technology developed by the German manufacturer, they manage to create an atmosphere warm and comfortable. It is endowed with an array of driving aids as well as the latest generation of the system of information and entertainment. All their engines are characterized by high efficiency and high benefits.