Mercedes E-Class Coupe 2017, the first spy photos come to light

What Mercedes is preparing for the new E-Class is not what we had seen to date, except in some particular model and, of course, in the Class S. The sedan will not only give you multiple jumps generations on issues of technology, if not that this one will also be destined to the different versions of the same, as the Mercedes E-Class Coupe 2017.


Much camouflage, although with the passage of time will erode part of the same

, While the new Mercedes E-Class is close to being submitted, in fact in less than a month will make act of presence at the Detroit motor show, the coupe version starts the path of development, and commissioning. This is the first time we see it, and we quickly realize that we are in the first steps of the procesor.

The content of camouflage is extensive, very extensive. Even so, the hint is the same design that will make gala the saloon and that this, in turn, will be very similar to that of Class S. The first reports indicate that the E-Class Coupe will have a design intermediate. Part of the saloon and part of the Mercedes S-Class Coupe and C Class Coupe.

At least that is what it seems if we take a look at the rear, which even goes more for housing than the front. we do Not know to what extent it will change the dimensions of dimensions. It is expected a loss of size but it is not known which, being thus the third body that you will see the range, after the sedan and E-Class Estate that will be presented at the same time.

In terms of technology, as before we mention, it will be the most impressive part of the new Class E. shall Be of such amount of gadgets and items that rivalizarán directly with segments higher. In fact it is speculated that the S-Class in 2016, which is already in testing, mount the part of the technology of the Class E. I never seen.


it Is expected that the rear would be similar to other units of the coupé family of Mercedes

This technology will be patent in an interior designed to be at the height. Recently, I disclose, and we were able to verify that the change is more radical with respect to the current generation. Soon we will see the full, however, the Mercedes E-Class Coupe 2017 will have to wait much longer to see it.