Mercedes E-Class Estate 2017, hunted the family version

On snow time comes, now see the new Mercedes E-Class Estate our photographers spy have been captured, finalized details in its development, go-to-market by completing the full range along with the E-Class is expected to be present during this the beginning of the year 2016.

The truth is that Mercedes will have been leaking details on this model that do have a vision quite final about it, from its range of engines to their interior passing by the final version of his saloon a few days ago.


despite its camouflage, we deduce that the line of the E-Class Estate will be identical to the version sedan that you can see in our gallery with the filtration of your final look, providing a model in its line finishes and intends to come closer to the model category that represents the Class S.

Where if we can see differences is in your behind from C-pillar where we see the body of a familiar design with a sharp fall, culminating in a rear spoiler to give it a touch more dynamic. Continues to your tailgate with a low-profile load and a rear bumper that loses some of its camouflage to let us see the form of your rear diffuser and twin tail exhaust in the side, that reminds us of the line of its little brother the C-Class Estate.

Even so, we will have to wait a little more to be able to see their final appearance and especially their price list, what little that remains for us to know of this model.