Mercedes E-Class Estate in 2016, same class, same technology, but more space

Mercedes Clase E Estate 2016

The option more familiar and practice of the range of the Mercedes E-Class is renewed at full.

The day was marked with capital letters in the calendar of Mercedes. Today has been the day in which the world had to know for the first time the Mercedes E-Class Estate 2016. The variant family has been unveiled with a spectacular design, just like the saloon, and with an interior space extraordinary.

And is that in the paragraph aesthetic, we already knew, thanks to various spy photos, that the E-Class Estate was going to have the same design as that of his brother berlina. The front-end, very stylish, with the latest design philosophy of Mercedes, and with a rear that blends elements that remind us of a lot to the Mercedes C-Class Estate, but with optical more narrow.

I must say that both the sedan as the family have the same platform, however the latter is more big thanks to the extension of your rear overhang. Does not affect measures of livability inside, but that causes a greater luggage compartment volume, which in this case reaches up to 670 litres, 25 less than the previous generation, expandable to 1,820 litres if you folded down the second row of seats.

In terms of the interior, there is nothing new, as the family continues to have the same elements of the new generation of the Mercedes Class E. This includes the dashboard with two large digital screens, optional, as well as all the technology, the impressive and avant-garde technology, which may have.

Mercedes Clase E Estate 2016 - posterior

The new Mercedes E-Class Estate 2016 is more spacious and offers a larger load capacity.

This generation will be remembered, no doubt, by their autonomous capacity. Mercedes has made the E-Class its first commercial car with driving autonomous. And we could to say that the Estate is the first family in the world to have such technology. It will be a optional, but will be able to take it, like the rest of the extras that we already know of his brother’s saloon.

Nor is there any difference in the quality of their materials. Since the Class And the start of their development stage, the engineers wanted this generation to be as close as possible to his older brother, the Mercedes S-Class, and that happened by raising the level, not only technological, but of quality. The same one that now presents the E-Class Estate.

As we have already mentioned the E Class and the family have the same platform. This implies that they will both share offer mechanical. output the E-Class Estate will be available with a total of three options, including diesel and four gasoline. The output power is fixed at the 184 horses And 200, and may reach, for the moment, a maximum of 258 HP And 350d.

And we say, for the moment, because more engines will be added to the range. Thrusters of all types. From hybrids and plug-in hybrids, up to units that will raise the performance significantly. First appears the Mercedes E-Class 43 Estate, with a gasoline V6, and subsequently so will the radical Mercedes-AMG E 63 Estate, with a biturbo V8 under its bonnet and a maximum power of 612 HP.

The new Mercedes E-Class Estate 2016 to detail in this first official video.

In regards to its launch, the Mercedes E-Class Estate 2016 will soon be available for sale. will Not be until late summer when the German mark have the first units at dealerships. The price is for the moment an open question, although we estimate that there will be between three and four thousand euros more expensive than the version berlina corresponding.