Mercedes E63 AMG Coupe 2018: this could be the future coupe 600 HP


Recreation of the future E63 AMG Coupe.

it Was just yesterday when Mercedes lifted the veil of the new E-Class Coupe 2017, a model that evolves significantly with respect to its predecessor, growing in all its dimensions, and acquiring an image similar to that of the rest of the coupes of the German brand.

now we have the first recreations available the more likely variant AMG of the new coupe of the E Class, the Mercedes-AMG E63 Coupe version which will be presented shortly after the arrival on the market of the range newly filed, and will be in dealerships during 2017.

This recreation is the responsibility of the independent designer X-Tomi Design, a true specialist in preparing digitally different versions, about all sports, of the already existing models.


The new E-Class Coupé has up to 333 HP.

this new AMG version really little or nothing is known. During the development of the new E-Class Coupe we have already been able to meet with some specimens of the AMG version Line of the range regular, also presented by the brand, that has specific elements such as a bumper more aggressive, with new air inlets.

however, this is only one version of finishing more in the range of regular model, and that has nothing to do with the future sports version E63 AMG, which will have a configuration quite more radical chassis and bodywork, as well as a specific mechanical prepared by the division of sport brand.

For the moment, there are several rumors about the new model that will come out of the facilities in Affalterbach. On the one hand we can find a new E63 Coupe with the same engine V8 4.0-liter double-supercharged that is used by other models of the brand and that in the E63 could develop up to 612 HP, the same number that offers the E63 S 4MATIC+ current.


The standard version of the new E-Class Coupé.

like the E63 sedan or C63 Coupe, could be available in two versions of power, normal and S version, in both cases counting with all-wheel drive 4MATIC+ serial.

on the other hand, we have the rumored E50 Coupé, which according to the british media would use a new engine 6 cylinder in-line and twin-turbo with a power between 400 and 450 horses. The name in a tribute to the brand, which in 2017 complies with no less than 50 years of its foundation.

This version, materialize, could come in the form of a second variant AMG for the E-Class Coupe, now that would be even less powerful than the current C63 AMG Coupe, which in its S version has 510 HP.