Mercedes EQ C: new data on the future electric range of Daimler


the Whole system of recharging of the battery is seen under the rear bumper.

The first model of the range of electrical EQ is expected to arrive in a little over two years, in the second half of 2019. Will be a crossover to half way between the GLC and the GLE developed on the architecture EVA specially developed for electric models. This platform is modular and scalable and can vary wheelbase and track width to develop different models.

The future EQC will feature two electric motors, one on each axle, with a joint power total that could exceed 500 HP, will be available Only with all-wheel drive. In addition, you will be equipped with the latest advanced technology in driver assistance systems that are also being tested in extreme conditions, as can be seen in the area of the inside rearview mirror. The technology will also play a special role in the comfort and connectivity providing passengers experiences unknown until now.

Using a GLC 350e, we can see details more evident than in the photos spies of the mule with the body of the GLC Coupe. In the first place, under the rear bumper is a box that houses the charging system of the battery, aletines of plastic in the steps of wheels make a greater track width and the height of the body is also more leaving see part of the inside of the step wheels.


Under the side skirts you can see part of the floor of the platform that hosts the batteries.

The charging process will be conducted from the outlet of fuel from the current SLN, replacing it by a plug, leaving unused the small cover that hides the connector in the bumper as in the GLC Plug-in Hybrid. Part of the recharge system will be maintained on the production model. From the connection socket it may be loaded with the mode of 400V 80% of the battery in a little over 30 minutes. The second option is inductive and will allow the battery to be recharged fully in less than an hour with 800V.

The new electric models may be produced in the factories of Mercedes in Bremen, Rastatt, Sindelfingen and Hambach, four centers that have been prepared for the production of electric vehicles, although the assignment of plant to manufacture will depend on the demand of each model in the mercado.