Mercedes expects a big improvement from Honda, Renault doubt


Andy Cowell, head of engine division Mercedes, has highlighted the importance which this year will have the engine as a result of the new rules. Your approach gives more prominence to the power as a result of the notable increase of drag, since it is expected that the top speed is reduced for this reason..

But Cowell does not believe that it necessarily has to be bad for Honda, because with two full years of experience, the japanese should take an important step forward. “If you’re going to fund over a longer period of time, the importance of the engine, obviously, increases. But it is now in the fourth year, with this generation of motors and all have learned a lot. I’m pretty intrigued about what you have done, the other manufacturers and especially Honda (during the winter). They are now in their third year, have set up their development department and have accumulated a lot of knowledge, I think that would be the time to take a big step”, said Cowell in a statement to Auto Motor und Sport.

Mercedes does not relax

But, regardless of that, Cowell makes it very clear that the position of privilege that Mercedes does not invite complacency, and, during this winter, the German brand has undergone deeper changes if possible, than in previous seasons. “We are facing a very aggressive. We sit down and we make only small modifications. In comparison with previous years, the changes are considerable”.

“Sure that McLaren is able to build a really nice car

At Renault, for their part, are not so convinced about the step ahead of Honda, and yes dan it sure that McLaren will offer a great chassis to its riders this season. “It’s a big unknown for us is what is that Honda will have done in terms of engine development, because I am sure that McLaren is capable of building a car very good, in particular the change as dramatic of regulation”, commented Cyril Abiteboul in statements to the official website of the Formula 1. In addition, it establishes an order of grill with McLaren as main unknown. “I Think it will be interesting to see the grill. I hope (front) Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull, without a particular order. And we should fight with Williams, Force India and Toro Rosso. The question is McLaren”.