Mercedes forces Lauda to withdraw the charges, Hamilton


On Wednesday, the team Mercedes has issued a
press release Niki Lauda is provided to clarify its intervention
Servus TV, channel austrian-owned Red Bull. In said channel,
he was interviewed by the journalist Roger Benoit in a program
recorded on Friday 1 July and issued on Monday 5.

“After his appearance on a television program
on Servus TV, recorded before the weekend of the Grand Prix
Austria, Niki Lauda, I would like to clarify some things and declare what

Lewis Hamilton caused no damage to una
of a hotel or to your private room on the
circuit during the weekend of the Grand Prix of Baku and Lewis
Hamilton had not lied about his relationship with his partner, Nico
Niki regrets the malententendido caused by his comments,
which were exaggerated in comparison with the context in which
were made”

Niki Lauda commented in the interview that Lewis Hamilton had
trashed his hotel room after his accident
classification. “Hamilton did it because he had a wreck. You will have
to pay for the damages, I assure you. He told Me not to go
because I was going to break everything and so it was”

Extract of the chat in which Niki Lauda talks about Lewis Hamilton (click to see video).

he Also asserted that the comments he made about
your good current relationship with Nico Rosberg, were uncertain. “Lewis
he lied, plain and simple, only said it because I wanted to soften the
things and have peace at the end of last week. He did what he could, but the
fight becomes more hot when Nico is in front”
Lauda, something that, subsequently, has had to retract.